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Mike Kobert Dona Donato

Wildlife Conservation.  Our first passion. 

A desire to create media that brings awareness to the issues of conservation and sustainability was what brought the founders to establish Giggling Gorilla Productions (GGP).  Michael’s extensive background in wildlife care and Dona’s event and production background – paired with a shared deep love of animals and caring for the natural world – they developed GGP to enlighten and entertain audiences to the plight of our planet and our animal brothers and sisters.

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Projects in pre-production include a hosted episodic series about wildlife volunteerism and a web series about natural care for animals.

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Wildlife Sanctuary Coming!!!

An enormous and exciting project is being developed to open a wildlife sanctuary in California, USA to house unwanted wildlife and to both educate and enrich the public about the importance of sustainability and conservation of the natural world.  By giving visitors and emotionally rewarding and illustrative experience they will work to save our wild siblings and wild places.  A first of it’s kind utilizing the latest technology to be fully sustainable and environmentally sensitive.