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dona donato michael kobert

We believe in the power of media to change the world.  Through transformative filmmaking Рwe endeavor to make a difference in the lives of people and animals  Рand to help facilitate a shift in consciousness to a more compassionate, sustainable and healthy world.

Recent Projects:

Mission Wildlife – Television Series (Pre-Production)

Dona Donato Michael Kobert

Living Medicine (Working title) – Documentary (In Production)

Dona Donato Michael Kobert

More information about Living Medicine here

Living the Courage Vibe (Working Title) – Documentary (Post-Production)

Dona Donato Michael Kobert

More information about Living the Courage Vibe here

Juicy Coppertoes – Animated Series (Pre-Production)

michael kobert dona donato








Natural Pet TV Series / Web (Pre-Production)

dona donato michael kobert

Matteo Setti Special – Television Special PBS (Aired)

Dona Donato Michael Kobert

Patte Awards for Theater Excellence – Television Special (Aired)

dona donato michael kobert


Production Partners:

MindFox Productions

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The GRID Network